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VMware vSphere 8: Redefining Data Center Virtualization VMware vSphere 8 is the latest iteration of the industry-leading virtualization platform, designed to empower...

VMware vSphere 8: Redefining Data Center Virtualization

VMware vSphere 8 is the latest iteration of the industry-leading virtualization platform, designed to empower businesses to optimize and secure their applications and data center infrastructure. With groundbreaking advancements in computing, storage, networking, and security, vSphere 8 enables organizations of all sizes to simplify their IT operations, enhance performance, and ensure high availability and security for their applications. Whether you're running traditional or modern applications, vSphere 8 provides the foundation for a flexible and resilient digital infrastructure, ready to meet the demands of the ever-evolving digital world.

Key Features of VMware vSphere 8:

  1. Next-Generation Infrastructure: Leverages the latest hardware technologies for improved performance, scalability, and security, supporting new CPUs, GPUs, and NVMe devices.
  2. Enhanced Security: Introduces advanced security features, including confidential containers and improved workload encryption, to protect against modern cyber threats.
  3. Simplified Operations: AI and machine learning-driven operations simplify management tasks, from monitoring and troubleshooting to capacity planning and optimization.
  4. Unified Kubernetes Platform: Integrates Kubernetes directly into the vSphere platform, offering a unified method to manage containers and virtual machines within the same environment.
  5. High Availability and Resilience: Advanced fault tolerance, high availability, and disaster recovery features ensure continuous operation and protection of critical workloads.
  6. Hybrid Cloud Flexibility: Seamlessly extends your on-premises environment to the cloud, enabling hybrid cloud capabilities and workload mobility with VMware Cloud Foundation and other cloud services.
  7. Developer-Ready Infrastructure: Provides developers with self-service access to infrastructure resources, accelerating the development and deployment of applications.
  8. Comprehensive Ecosystem Support: Extensive integration with third-party solutions and VMware's broad ecosystem, including storage, networking, and security partners.

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VMware vSphere 8 Standard EU CD Key

Regular price €81,01

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