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  Released at the beginning of 2021, Valheim took the world by storm. As one steam review said: “It’s a survival-crafting-fighting game...

You enter the world by a raven who YEETS you on the island.


Released at the beginning of 2021, Valheim took the world by storm. As one steam review said: “It’s a survival-crafting-fighting game that looks like what would happen if Skyrim and Minecraft had a baby. And that baby loved the Dark Souls series.” 

Game Information

Release Date

February 2nd, 2021


Iron Gate AB


Coffee Stain Publishing

Content Rated


Game Modes

Single-player, Multiplayer

Player Perspectives

Third-person Perspective


Open World Survival Craft, Survival, Online Co-Op


VIKINGS, Norse Mythology


PC (Microsoft Windows, Steam OS, Linux)


In Valheim your opponents range from giant to relatively small. Odin wasn’t very popular.


In Valheim, you create your own Viking, who gets thrown into the titular setting by the Odin himself. Why? Because you’re tasked with slaying Odin’s ancient rivals. You are set to sort out all the ancient enemies and naughty demigods and prove your worth for entry into the VALHALLA. 


The strongest part of Valheim. You start with nothing besides a simple tunic on your back. There is no guide and no handholding. 

In this huge fantasy world, inspired by Norse mythology, it’s just you, the island you were yeeted on, and a marker for the first boss you have to defeat. From here on out, you have to figure out the game for yourself, AND IT’S GREAT!

Everything feels like an achievement because nobody told you how to do it, so you EARN it.

Valheim is just Beautiful

there are few games that stop you in your tracks just to… enjoy the surroundings. And it’s considered “early access”.


Whoever thought of combining modern lighting effects and PSX-style voxel graphics should get a medal. It’s wonderful and enchanting at times. Not many games nowadays make you sigh with content at a landscape. Valheim does.  

Enter the Realm of Wonderful Struggle

Better go to sleep, for the night is dark and full of terrors.


Entering the Valheim game, you have squat for equipment and knowledge. You know nothing, you have nothing, and go up from there. You make an axe, chop down a tree, build a house, kill a deer. 

And then you find out that to make a pickaxe and do anything more substantial than a wooden shack, you have to tackle the first boss. There is no guide, just trial, error and wonder of exploration.

The best part? There is a character progression system, and its progress stays with you, no matter on which server you’ve earned it. And no matter on which server you will go next.

But It Doesn’t Have to Be Yours Alone!

Yes, they wear rags, their weapons are full of splinters, and that small settlement is shabby at best. But they made it themselves, and it’s GLORIOUS.


This game is amazing on its own, but here’s the best part: you can invite up to ten friends to go on that journey! Whether you create, explore and fight together to create one, big settlement, or split into two hostile groups, that’s up to you! 

Seriously. If your friends like survival games in the same vein as Don’t Starve Together, just get a Steam gift code and give them Valheim. It’s worth every penny. 

Conquer the Exotic Lands, by Sweat, Blood and CRAFTING

Oseberg, Ringerike, or Urnes… So many styles to choose from in crafting…


Everything is simple and intuitive, yet full of depth

You start with wooden tools and will struggle to defeat more powerful enemies. That is… until you discover more valuable materials that let you craft deadlier weapons. There are stations, like an enchanting table that allows you to make magical equipment.

Do you believe in ma~gic…


Everywhere you go, every little thing makes you feel that you progress, that nothing you create is useless. Also, at some point, you can build yourself a boat to explore other islands. 

Sail the great oceans in search of new land! YO-HO AND A BOTTLE OF MEAD.

No Frustrating Features

From shack to your own viking fortress.


Many similar titles, like Rust, have multiple features that at the surface serve to give depth to the game. In reality, they are infuriating to play around. In Valheim, everything like that is just… gone.

Eating Is Optional, You Will Still Do It

You can farm. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.


Eating is not a must. Instead, you get a dietary system that gives you various bonuses and perks. It’s so varied, and there are so many aspects to it, that it would require a whole new article to give it justice. 

Sleep is another optional thing. You don’t have to sleep, but it’s so useful, you will still want to. It’s not only for passing time, so you skip the wonderful visitors of the night, it also gives well-rested bonuses, depending on quality of your bed.

Climactic Combat

Otherworldly and eerie? Yes. Does it make combat any better? HECK YES.


Ever played Dark Souls? It’s like an easier version of that. You have health and stamina. First needs no explanation, second is used for everything in combat, from attacking to blocking. It’s simple, easy to learn, and so rewarding to master.

Again, it’s like Dark Souls because there’s quite no feeling like finally felling that ice giant with nothing but your mettle and determination. 

Death? You Mean Inconvenience?

Dying is… well, it always sucks, but in Valheim, it’s not a hassle. You don’t lose progress. You don’t have to repair and rebuild everything with all the materials you don’t have anymore. Just go to your gravestone, collect your stuff, and hightail it out of there.

Dedicated Servers

Each game server is dedicated. It’s a procedurally generated world with dedicated servers, that you can invite friends to die with to have some multiplayer fun!

The Most Frustrating Feature… BUGS.

Valheim is surprisingly stable. It is made and maintained by Iron Gate Studios, which, for the record, consists of five members. And they still made a game more polished than many AAA titles.

Planned Updates

the land of mist. They call it… MISTLAND.


Yes, there’s more to come, even though it’s still in early access. Mistland will add more life to snow-topped mountain ranges.  There will be more bosses, more materials, challenges, and who knows what else? 

Seriously, buy the code and include this wonderful gem of a game to your steam account. It’s just good. And it will be better.

Key Features

  • Procedurally generated worlds to explore. Unlimited world creation power!
  • VIKINGS in mystical world, filled with monsters, demigods and undead!
  • It’s an enjoyable game, whether you go solo, or multiplayer.
  • Character progression that transcends servers.
  • Crafting is simple, deep and amazing.
  • The block-based combat system is harsh, so every win is a holiday.
  • Its requirements are so low, you could run it on a potato-powered PC.

System Requirements

Minimal Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, or later 
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz Quad Core, or similar
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 950, or Radeon HD 7970
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1 GB available space


    • OS: Windows 7, or later 
      • Processor: i5 3 GHz, or Ryzen 5 3 GHz
      • Memory: 16 GB RAM
      • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060, or Radeon RX 580
      • DirectX: Version 11
      • Storage: 1 GB available space

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