The Medium Steam CD Key

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The Medium Steam key Become a medium and discover two worlds at once! The psychological horror video game, developed and published by...

The Medium Steam key

Become a medium and discover two worlds at once! The psychological horror video game, developed and published by Bloober Team, is surely something else. The vast abilities of your character will let you dive into this creepy and engaging gameplay with no fear. Travel to the 90s, go to a hotel in Krakow and find the answers to the questions that bother you. Prove to yourself that you can unravel any mystery not only with bravery but also with strategic thinking. The dark worlds of The Medium Steam key await you!

The Medium Steam Key features

Dive into the creepy surroundings and answer questions while using these unique features:

  •  Two worlds. You will have the psychic ability to see both real and spirit worlds at the same time;
  •  Strategy. As you uncover secrets, you will have the opportunity to use your brainpower and solve various puzzles;
  •  Unique art style. The unsettling and ominous art was inspired by Zdzisław Beksiński, Polish dystopian surrealist internationally recognized for his distinctive and strikingly haunting style;
  •  Original soundtrack. The melodies co-composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski and Akira Yamaoka will make the atmosphere even more disturbing, oppressive and therefore realistic;
  •  Cheaper The Medium price.

Make use of Marianne’s psychic abilities

The Medium key lets you experience gameplay you have never before seen. Impersonate a medium named Marianne who is haunted by the vision of a child’s murder. She consequently decides to travel to an abandoned hotel in Krakow to unravel the mystery behind this tragedy. The heightened senses help her see how certain physical objects in the spirit world quietly guide her intuition. The sensed energy or emotions behind them indicate their importance and by exploring them, Marianne can even relive events of the past associated with these objects. Discover the past in this enthralling way and find answers to all the questions in The Medium Steam key!

Experience a double life

The dual reality mechanic of The Medium key puts emphasis on the greater perspective of the whole gameplay. Nothing is ever one-sided. As Marianne enters the hotel, she is in fact in the regular world. Yet after some time, she is placed in both worlds and can therefore simultaneously interact with both of them. Marianne starts exploring the spirit world after her encounter with a girl called Sadness.  While discovering various objects in the latter world and solving puzzles in the real one, she is eventually being chased by an evil creature in both of them! Such gameplay will be tricky and engaging at the same time. Overcome all the challenges and correlate between these two dark worlds in The Medium Steam key!

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The Medium Steam CD Key

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