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Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands Steam CD Key


In Stranded Sails you follow a linear main quest using clearly defined goals to lead you from one adventure to the next. Dialogues with your crew guide you through the story.

As either the captain's daughter or son you're shipwrecked along with your crew on your very first journey and end up on a mysterious exotic archipelago. Your father is gravely injured when your ship crashes ashore, so you have to explore the islands, reunite your scattered crew and master all challenges to finally leave the mysterious archipelago again.

  • casual Open World exploration farming adventure for the whole family
  • Easy to get into thanks to an extensive tutorial
  • Farm, discover up to 60 recipes and prepare nourishing dishes with various buffs
  • Keep an eye on your energy reserves and choose the right food for your expeditions
  • Explore the archipelago to discover new plants and useful tools
  • Prepare food for your crew and increase their happiness to get useful tool upgrades and cosmetic hats
  • Find hidden treasure chests and lore artifacts
  • Story-driven quests full of dialogues and mysteries
  • Build a camp at designated positions
  • Fight against supernatural threats