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 This product can ONLY be activated on the GOG platform.     Slime Rancher (PC) is a life-simulation adventure that passes a thousand light-years...

 This product can ONLY be activated on the GOG platform.


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Slime Rancher (PC) is a life-simulation adventure that passes a thousand light-years away from earth. Developed and published by Monomi Park, Slime Rancher uses Unity Engine to offer and welcome you to a charming new sandbox experience. The game mixes the traditional farm environment with the space travel set.

With Slime Rancher (PC) Steam CD Key, you must be prepared to face new challenges and grab all the risky opportunities from the untamed wilds. 

Slime Rancher was well received by the critics. Metacritic granted the game a rating of 81. 

On Steam, the title has very positive reviews. All the success made Monomi Park schedule a Slime Rancher sequence, with the release yet to be announced for Xbox Series and PC.

Key Information

Release Date

January 2016 (Early Access)

Game Developer and Publisher

Monomi Park

Content Rated

Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) 

Game Mode


Player Perspectives


Game Genre

Life-Simulator Adventure

Game Themes

Farm, Harvest 

Platforms for Slime Rancher

PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux), Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch

Gameplay and Mechanics

At the beginning, the Slime Rancher gameplay can seem simple or give the impression that follows a straight line but things will change as far as the game progresses. Many different slimes may give different items, have different diets, and do different things. Market values change from time to time and unexpected disasters can literally throw a rock on your planning. All of that shows us there are many things to be aware and prepared for. 

A New Life

With Slime Rancher Steam CD Key, you assume the role of Beatrix Lebeau, a plucky young rancher who sets for a life a thousand light-years away from earth. This opportunity came after getting the ranch from an old renowned rancher that left the business of slime ranching for you. 

A Day in the Slime Ranch

As Beatrix Lebeau, you will be using your all-purpose “vacpack” technology to travel and explore the Far, Far Range and to collect colorful slimes. These slimes produce “plorts” that you can sell. That’s exactly how you get money and how the game economy is set.

Slime Rancher Gameplay: Beatrix selling products in the market


Taking Care of The Slimes      

As you play Slime Rancher, you must explore, harvest resources, and grow crops to build and amass your great fortune. What’s more, your task is feeding the slimes. Travelling, however, is important to gather new slimes for your Ranch.

Slime Rancher Gameplay: VacPack Pulling a group of Slimes


The Gordo Slimes

Slime Rancher has the Gordo slimes. They will be of great help in Beatrix's attempt to become a great slime rancher. The Gordo slimes are there to be fed until they literally explode. The explosion gives you many important items, like teleporters and slime keys.

Slime Rancher Gameplay: Gordo Slime Exploding

Slime Keys and Gates

After you feed the Gordo Slimes well enough, they will pop into keys, which will unlock slime gates. Opening these gates will lead you to new places yet to be explored in the Far, Far Range of Slime Rancher World.

Plenty of Slimes!

On the tale of Beatrix that Slime Rancher presents to its players, you will deal with many different slimes. There are more than 30 different specimens, each having its own feature and characteristics.

Slime Rancher Gameplay: A group of Slimes on a fence


Key Features

  • A new seamless world to explore,
  • High-quality graphics,
  • A great number of different slimes to take care of,
  • Unique progression system through the Slime-Gates,
  • A whole pack of items to modernize and customize your Ranch.

System Requirements (Minimum Only)

  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: 2.2 GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Video Card: 512 MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Free DIsk: 1 GB Available Space



Slime Rancher Gameplay: Small Slime crossing through a place full of lava

Monomi Park (GameSpot Trailers YouTube Video)

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Slime Rancher Gameplay: Slimes moving around


GoG Key Activation Details

Besides the Steam Key, ROyalCDKeys also offers the GoG Key of Slime Rancher. That way, it is also necessary to activate the game on this specific platform.

  • First, you must log into your account. If you don't have one, you must create a new one, following the necessary steps to do so. 
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How to Redeem Slime Rancher Steam Key step 2


How to Redeem Slime Rancher GoG Key Step 1

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How to Redeem Slime Rancher GoG Key Step 2

Game Language or Region Restrictions

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Besides this region matter, both, the Slime Rancher Steam CD Key and the GoG Key don’t interfere with the language choice. Slime Rancher is available in 10 different languages, but this amazing game doesn’t have any dubbing at all. It means that only the game’s interface and subtitles will be available in these languages.

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