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This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Argentina. This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.    ...

This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Argentina.

This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.



Explore the terrifying alien planet and kill all the monsters to escape! Risk of Rain is back so check it out via Royal CD Keys for the maximum (and economic) experience!


The classic multiplayer roguelike Risk of Rain is back with even more traits we all loved in the first edition! 

With co-op mode with up to four friends, brand new survivors and classic survivors as well can enjoy this pretty dangerous new life in this critically acclaimed masterpiece. A new unique scaling system means both you and your enemies can get better and better at killing, so you will never feel like the game is not a challenge for you!

Fight enormous bosses, explore massive maps with new loot and enemies. Even the longest odds can be overcome when you party with friends and your own abilities! Challenging action in an extra dimension that allows you to exploit endless item? Checked. Character combos? Checked! No more port forwarding that allows player co-op seamlessly through Steam? Checked, checked, checked! Play Risk of Rain 2 and enjoy this new version of a classic title!


Bosses return even stronger so make sure that the Hopoo Games equipped you with enough firepower to survive!


Game Information

Release Date

PC, PS4, Switch & Xbox One

August 11, 2020


September 29, 2020


Hopoo Games


Gearbox Publishing

Total Rating


Content Rated


Game Modes

Singleplayer, Multiplayer

Player Perspectives



Roguelike, third-person shooter


Aliens, Shooting



Microsoft Windows

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


Nintendo Switch

Gameplay and Mechanics


Many things have changed in the second edition of Risk of Rain. For example, in this game - you can fight the common enemy but the level of foes limitlessly increase!


The game mechanic is simple  survive and escape! This chaotic alien planet is full of even more chaotic monsters. Myriad survivors tried and failed  be their reason to believe!

There are a dozen or so handcrafted locals, full of monsters and bosses that just wait for your arrival! Fight or escape  either way  take control of your character and try to complete all of the challenges. And believe me  there are a lot of them!

Crazy Items!


Amazing items are up for grabs for even more challenging action! It’s a good game to play solo and with friends!


More than 110 items can keep every game fresh! The same goes for Risk of Rain 2. Collect all of them and check out if you found something that suits your gameplay! Some combinations can be really surprising, so mix them up to create a super weapon for ages!

With more items comes even more lore — check out the logs you find with said items. It will help you defeat those evil monsters and may even create a path of victory for some time until those alien baddies will find a way to get you!

Singleplayer And Co-Op Experience


There are many ways to play Risk of Rain 2, but you should definitely check out the co-op version! It’s not always the case that it feels so seamless!


You can play solo or team up with up to four friends in an online co-op experience. Check out all-new Prismatic Trials  a challenge that many fail and even more never return to. New challenges are in front of us, so make sure you have enough skill to overcome them. 

You can pick from many new and different survivors such as the Engineer, Huntress, and the Commando. There are eleven playable survivors in the game, each having a game plan of their own.

New Graphics


New and improved graphics are here to stay! Turning away from the classic 2D look was a big step but a welcomed one!


The first game in the series was just a normal 2D shooter with a little going on, except for great gameplay and some good storytelling.

Now, it’s 3D time, babies, and we are not taking any prisoners. You can travel all over this small world and explore the majestic and crazy world you’re trying to escape from! Lush jungles, deserts, and just space stuff  you can get around many different places in Risk of Rain 2, but remember  don’t run fresh after dinner! You’ll get dizzy, and the monsters are just waiting for that!

While you can’t get everywhere, you can get to some fun places! For example, jetpacks can access higher-located ones. Anyway, watch out for pits of lava and canyons  they can really get you!

Different Enemies


There are two types of enemies - Normal and Bosses. As you can imagine, the latter is a bit harder to fight, so make sure you are prepared for it.


The planet is, let’s face it, kind of crazy and dangerous. It’s not this wonderful land we know from the stories our mothers told us when we were younger.


There are just monsters, after monsters, and even more monsters in the end (it doesn’t even matter!). Risk of Rain 2 has two categories of enemies  normal monsters and bosses. Normal ones are, sort of, self-explanatory. Those are the guys that you meet on a subway every day and just smack ‘em over the face. 

Bosses are another thing entirely. They come in all shapes and sizes and are significantly more resistant, with tones of damage just pouring down on you. Take an umbrella (made of fists!)!

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Risk of Rain 2 Activation Details

At RoyalCDKeys, you can buy Risk of Rain 2 Xbox Live editions. You can redeem and activate each version on the corresponding platform by following the instructions below.

Activate Risk of Rain 2 on Xbox Live

  1. Go to Xbox.com.


Xbox Storefront page.


       2. Click the “Sign in” button in the top right corner.


section in the Xbox store.


       3. Go to the “Games” menu and select Redeem Code.


“Games” menu to activate a PC key.


        4. Write the Risk of Rain 2 key that you got and follow the instructions.

After you have activated the game, it will be saved automatically in your library. You can download Risk of Rain 2 and install it whenever you want after that. 

If for some reason you experience redeeming problems due to country or region restrictions, you may need to use a VPN from Europe. Once you solve the issue, you can uninstall the program.

System Requirements

Risk of Rain 2 ARG Xbox One/Series CD Key

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