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This content requires the base game RimWorld on Steam in order to play.   Building a civilization is something that a lot of people would want...

This content requires the base game RimWorld on Steam in order to play.


Building a civilization is something that a lot of people would want to do. You could create productive farm animals, watch colonists develop social skills, or bring a new empire to the world. This is the reason why games like Rimworld exist.

  • The thrill of a god-like perspective in a new-generated world is exciting. It will drive you to make decisions for the well of your world. You will find this game to be a sci-fi colony sim that will give you the illusion of control. 
  • Behaviors and actions are quite real, and it’s all behind an intelligent AI storyteller.
  • Rimworld looks forward to creating a complex drama in its various systems. All of this while you marvel at its unique features. 

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Game Information

Release Date

October 2018


Ludeon Studios


Ludeon Studios

Total Rating


Content Rated


Game Modes


Player Perspectives



Survival, Strategy, Sandbox, Indie, RPG


Building simulator, City Builder


Mac, Microsoft Windows


RoyalCDKeys, Steam

Product Description

Rimworld is a sci-fi life simulator, a city-building game that is set on a procedurally-generated planet. And a new one for each game at that! It is inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Firefly, and Dune. 

Your goal is to build a colony and survive the different situations that you will endure. It’s a game set in the future with an approach to strategy and management. You control the AI behavior instead of its actions. It's a story generator that is able to create several tales based on the players’ decisions.


Storytelling Is Key

The game isn’t about building a colony that lasts forever. It’s about storytelling. Things will go wrong, and characters have motivations and fears. The AI gives them needs and drives, which can often impact your goals, but this is what makes Rimworld a great game.


Some people will live in the same room.


Every thunderstorm, pirate raid, and traveling salesman is a card dealt by the AI storyteller. It might be a happy intervention, or a colony-ending event, The passing ships, self-taming pets, professional settlers, rampaging animals, or giant insects. All of these are just opportunities.

In this fun game, you can:

  • Make or break relationships with other settlements.
  • See how other species work with their own body layouts.
  • Encounter deadly attack beasts.
  • Meet exotic alien-like lifeforms.
  • Train animals.
  • Get to know, or become slave traders.
  • Manage colonists’ moods.
  • Have family members.
  • Fight pirate raiders.
  • Bargain with prisoners to let them join your colony.


Rimworld in a choking jungle map, looking for a deer’s leg.

Generate Your World

Before you start a colony, you must generate a world. This is done automatically with biomes like jungles, or deserts. Each biome has its own difficulty. This means that forests and grasslands are easier than marshes or ice sheets. You have several storytellers to choose from:

  • Randy Random: He’s the “crazy stuff keeps happening” storyteller. One time it will be raiders, the other it’s drop pods with milk.
  • Cassandra Classic: She is into rising tension in the world.
  • Phoebe Chillax: She takes relaxation as her profession.

Once you have picked the storyteller and land, it’s time to generate colonists. You begin with three survivors of a shipwreck in a distant world. 


Survivors don’t like to get packed in cramped environments.


You can have more colonists, or pawns as they are called in-game, as you progress. 

Colonists Have Virtues And Flaws

You don’t really control what your colonists can do well. Sometimes you get pawns with useful skills, like hunting, crafting, researching, melee combat. There are others, that only give personality and flaws.

If you don’t like a colonist, you can always randomize them again. Keep in mind that they aren’t gods but crash-landed survivors from a passenger liner destroyed in orbit. As such, you could get colonists with:

  • Wounded legs (slow people).
  • With a transplant (internal organs).
  • Genetically engineered assassin parts.
  • An expensive bionic leg.
  • A gunshot wound.
  • Wounded limbs.
  • Chronic conditions.
  • Eye injuries.


Rimworld session taming horses and Labrador retrievers.

Colonists Complexity

You can see that you could get desperate colonists, content colonists, or even psychopaths that thrive on violence. Either way, they affect characters’ capacities, but it’s all part of the logical in-game effects. 

You may end up with colonists that train cute pets, someone that can replace wounded limbs or someone that wounds them. The main point is that these traits create the person’s background.

Colonists could be problematic when you want to drive your tale your own way. The particular aspects mentioned above have a lot to do with how the colonists develop. Each character gets up to three traits that will modify its behavior. Among those, you can find:

  • Obsessive.
  • Lazy.
  • Misogynist.
  • Gay.
  • Ugly.
  • Psychopath.
  • Hard worker.


Plants may take a two-month growing season to be harvested.


They may seem not important, but when you are in the cold northern tundra or parched desert wasteland, they are. When food is scarce, it’s better to have strong-willed pawns that won’t turn into a motley crew.

They respond to hunger, fatigue, witnessing death, disrespectfully unburied corpses. They could end up happily married. Your job is to manage colonists' moods and needs. Or neglect them and see what happens.


Rimworld survivors fighting in different areas.

Developing a Colony

Building is one easy part of the game, it resembles the Tycoon-style blueprint system. You only need to draw the structures that you need, with easy tools. However, you still need the Required resources available. Colonists will then do the physical work of collecting mineral resources and constructing.

Your colony must be capable of dealing with a pirate raid and everything else the world throws at you. This may include:

  • Hostile tribes.
  • Mad animals like grizzly bears.
  • Weather storms.
  • Hard environments like a steaming equatorial jungle, temperate forest, frozen tundra, sickness-stricken marshlands.
  • Negotiating trade prices.
  • Collecting wood, stone, metal, and futuristic materials.
  • Swapping, or repairing body parts.
  • Raising many animals in all shapes and sizes.
  • Capturing refugees.
  • Prisoner riots.
  • Having to simultaneously fight fires and deal with all of the above. Combined.


The three traits a survivor has.


While developing your civilization, people from Rimworld are constantly aware of their surroundings. This way, they will know how to feel and react to their environment. It’s important to improve buildings and technology to have a place where pawns feel good.

Gameplay Key Features

This game generates a sense of control like no other. You can tell this just by looking at all that you can do, that makes this game entertaining. Overall, here are the key features of Rimworld:

  • Learn to play easily thanks to the help of an unobtrusive AI tutor.
  • Create triumphant stories or epic last stands.
  • Explore a whole planet with unique features.
  • Craft structures, weapons, and apparel from different materials.
  • Fight pirates, disease-infested lands, ancient killing machines, and animals, both known and unknown.
  • Harvest organs from imprisoned pirates. For those in need, or for profit, you decide.
  • Choose where to land your crash pods.
  • Capture refugees for slavery, or for recruiting prisoners.
  • Complete social tasks to build colonies.
  • Grow food and farm hay.
  • Feed said hay to lovable pets. 


Rimworld’s different perspective.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System (OS): Windows 7
  • Processor: At least a Core 2 Duo.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or other shader models 4.0.
  • Storage: With at least 500 MB or 1 GB available space.

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Rimworld Activation Details

Get this non-free game at a low price and start the activation process!

This product is a digital version, so to play this game, the first thing you need to do is get a Rimworld PC Steam key. Then, go to the corresponding gaming platform to redeem it. 

After you have made your purchase, follow these instructions to redeem your game:

  1. Go to the Steam platform and access your Steam account with your login details. If you don’t have an account, sign in.


Steam platform with Rimworld game page.


        2. Go to the “Games” menu.



        3. Select “Activate a Product on Steam.”


“Games” menu location.


        4. Follow the instructions and write down the Rimworld Steam key.


Product activation process to download Rimworld.


After you have redeemed the key, you will have the digital download available in your library. In case you have a country restriction or region restriction, you may need a VPN. You can use one from the United Kingdom to bypass this issue. Redeem with the key you got from the seller and uninstall the program.

You can always give it away in a form of a Steam gift. The person that receives the game key must follow the instructions above.

System Requirements

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