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This content requires the base game Planet Zoo on Steam in order to play.     Check out this incredible game, featuring authentic living animals in...

This content requires the base game Planet Zoo on Steam in order to play.


Create your own crazy park in Planet Zoo - the answer to an age-old question - what is the best Zoo tycoon ever? Download Planet Zoo with Royal CD Keys


Check out this incredible game, featuring authentic living animals in detailed enclosures. You know the ride will be great if you have ever played Planet Coaster from Frontier Development!

In this game, you can have fun with playful lion cubs (but - be careful, those are some wild animals you have there!), view vast landscapes, and watch how those exotic animals raise families in those animals' natural environments home!


You Need Options? You Have Them!

Create unique habitats and hop into this amazing living world where you can let your imagination run wild! Who knows, maybe it will be so much fun that you just might want to pick up Planet Zoo Deluxe edition or one of the South America Pack, Aquatic Pack, or Arctic Pack! In Planet Zoo - unique animals are everywhere!

Gameplay and Mechanics


Create wonderful terrains and make your Zoo the best place to live! Animals will thank you!


Create the best park and make your own zoo. It’s a game for people who love animals and are not afraid to say so! 

You can construct detailed habitats with animal’s real-life counterparts. Frontier Developments are known for their love for pygmy hippopotamus, Komodo dragon, and mighty elephants - they created Zoo Tycoon before, so get in with pack mentality and download Planet Zoo right now.

If you are still not sure what to expect from this game, here is some gameplay and mechanics info, you definitely don’t want to miss this one.


Game Modes


Roam-free or go with the campaign mode - the possibilities are there, you just need to decide what you want to do!


There is plenty to do in this game, just like in Planet Coaster, so make sure you check out all the game modes while you’re there. 

Wander Around the World! Or Create Your Own!

There is of course a globe-trotting campaign mode, where you are dealing with realistic, incredible animals, and are tasked with crazy campaign missions. If some linear storytelling is not for you and maybe, just maybe, you are more of a I-like-to-things-on-my-own type of person, then you’re in luck.

The Sandbox Mode is where the magic happens. Create your zoo on your own terms and show them, real-life zoo owners, how it’s done!


The Animals Are Real! Well, Almost


Do what’s best for animals and your own Zoo! Remember, those creatures really think for themselves, so treat them with respect!


Lions, tigers, maybe even my relatives - all the animals in Planet Zoo live and breathe on their own thanks to advanced AI technology. The animals are incredibly intelligent, so make sure that you build a world where wildlife can exist, or the wolves will definitely get you.

All the critters, big and small, are greatly depicted, so explore the world of the real-life zoo keeping with no restrictions! You may get your hands dirty, but the park and your friends will thank you!




There is a lot of crafting here, so make sure that you bring your A-game in creativity! Find ways to make your Zoo stood out!


As in most tycoon-styled games, here we also have a great example of crafting. Developers were working hard on this, and you can see that in gameplay. Build stunning Zoos and creative habitats with many crafting tools available in the game.


Yes! You can craft detailed habitats for future generations to make the animals from Europe, Asia and the Americas feel at home. With this title comes the ultimate Zoo experience! Make sure your animals’ cages are clean and without unnecessary surprises. You can’t go wrong with some elaborated new cages, walking paths to certain animals and new cash registers for some extra money. Speaking of money…

Every Breath You Take… You Will Pay For It!


Your Zoo is your Zoo and everything you do will make an impact! Think beforehand, so you can make the best decision you can make!


The art of management is a hard one, but we are sure you can handle it. With the big picture in mind, you should still make sure that the small things are taken care of. You are the manager, so your job is on the line!

Every decision you make will have a big impact on the zoo and the animals, so shake things up a little. Invite new animals to your place, take care of prices and just hope that you will thrill visitors, so they will come back! Let your imagination roam - dig lakes and rivers, raise hills and mountains - you do you and let the people decide if they want to spend their money at your Planet Zoo!


Amazing Community


Experience the game with friends! Share your achievements with other players at the Steam Workshop! Maybe you will inspire someone to be an ever better zookeeper!


Join the vast community of Planet Zoo game, and together you can take care of animal welfare! Or just have fun with each other, you know the drill. 

Whether you’re a Premium Edition member or just like building stunning Zoos with friends — remember to share it while you can! It’s a connected group, so discover fresh ideas or brag about your own designs and iconic exhibits!

The community where you can share what you have created is already here at the Steam Workshop. You can see the project of others and judge them accordingly! There is a great Planet Zoo community to join!

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Planet Zoo North America Animal Pack Global Steam CD Key

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