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About Mordhau Steam Key Global     Mordhau is a hack n’ slash fighting game developed by Triternion with built-in Unreal Engine...

About Mordhau Steam Key Global


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Mordhau is a hack n’ slash fighting game developed by Triternion with built-in Unreal Engine 4. On this medieval first and third-person multiplayer slasher, you gain complete control of your character. Also, you will engage in satisfying melee combat or ranged combat in 64-player battles.

Mordhau is the first game of Triternion but, despite their “lack of experience,” the game received a positive evaluation from critics. It includes Metracritic’s review, which granted the game a grade of 81. Two years after its release, the game also has positive reviews on the Steam platform.

This is surely a fun game proven with selling numbers. After only one week, more than 200 thousand players were engaged in its massive battles. After one month, more than 1 million gamers joined and fought enemies alongside other players in brutal battles.

Mordhau Steam Key Global Information

Release Date

April 29, 2019,

Game Developers and Publishers


Content Rated

Mature (Extreme Violence, Blood and Gore) 

Game Modes


Player Perspectives

First-Person / Third-Person Perspectives

Game Genre

Hack and Slash, Fight

Game Themes


Platforms for Mordhau

PC (Windows)

Gameplay and Mechanics

With this Mordhau Steam Key, you will join an army and fight in multiplayer medieval battles in a realistic world. That means you may have other objectives besides killing every single enemy that you put your eyes on.

You will be on a hectic battlefield that may demand you to do much more than fight waves of enemies. You may need to fight in small-scale engagements, operate siege engines, and build fortifications.

The Chaos of a Battle

The game is intended to be chaotic from the very beginning. There will be crowds of other players massacring each other, and your job is to jump there and do your best to slay them all. The player's perspectives intend not to give you full awareness of your surroundings. That way, enemies can get you from behind if you don’t be attentive.


mordhau warrior with an axe

Mordhau Steam Key Global Game Modes

Mordhau is far more than just a good game where players start to kill themselves for fun. It brings many different modes with different objectives. That way, your gameplay won’t be too repetitive, as you can always vary. Mordhau modes are:


On this mode, up to 48 players join the war. Each team has 1000 points that are reduced by one every time a player dies. But, besides killing each other, players can capture adversary territory or complete the team objectives. Conquering enemy territory also reduces its points but completing the objective will decide the winner and end the match.


Warriors fighting each other close to a wall  Source: Triternion


This mode was created for up to 48 players as well. They are split into two teams, one attacking and the other defending. The attackers must complete the objectives before the timer ends. The defenders must protect them, falling back every time they lose one.

Cooperative Horde Mode

Here, a small number of players will fight together against hordes of enemies controlled by computer AI. The game difficulty grows with each wave. The game ends when all the players die.

Team Deathmatch

Two different teams enter the map and fight each other to reach the necessary kills to win the match.


Players enter to fight each other in a free for all match. The player who reaches the necessary kill points first wins. 


This game resembles the team deathmatch but, when they die, players do not respawn. The surviving players fight the enemy team until only one of the sides is still standing.

Battle Royale

Following the recipe of many games, Mordhau also had a battle royale mode, but it was taken out of the game. 

Mordhau Steam Key Global Features


Warrior running in flames


Mordhau is a resounding success. And these numbers would never have been reached if the game didn’t have a list of great features to attract the players. 

Realistic Battles

Besides the ground scale combats, which impresses those who see it the first time, the game makes every fight believable and immersive. It also gives you as much freedom as possible, letting you travel freely across the map and choose between free-form melee to ranged combat.


mordhau battle

Visceral Combat

The game combat is also visceral and gore and has excellent graphics that will make every blood lover very happy. Besides that, you will fight anywhere, as the battles are held in vast open fields or small corridors. 


mordhau horse-riding warrior

Arsenal of Weapons

Another feature is the huge number of weapons. After all, if we’re talking about a game of war, different weapons are what it must have. Each weapon has its characteristics and can be used differently than others. The game presents players with an arsenal from which they can choose or create freely.


mordhau warrior holding a sword

Customization System

Mordhau also has a deep customization system. That way, all the players can create and customize their characters, giving them the specific traits they want. 


mordhau customization

Offline Mode

The title also has offline play. If you have problems against other players, you can train your skills offline and develop your unique style.

System Requirements to play Mordhau Steam Key Global (PC)

Minimum System Requirements for Mordhau Steam CD Key

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Core I5 4670, or AMD Equivalent
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 680 or AMD Equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Free Disk: 40 GB Available Space

Recommended System Requirements for Mordhau Steam CD Key

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Core I5 6600K or AMD Equivalent
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 or AMD equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Free Disk: 40 GB Available Space

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Warriors crossing swords  Source: Triternion

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Steam CD Key Activation Details

After buying the Mordhau digital key or any other CD key of your favorite games, you need to redeem and activate them on the right platform. As RoyalCDKeys store offers Mordhau PC Key for your Steam account, we will help you with the corresponding platform.

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  • On Steam client, after you create your account, go to the top left corner, select ‘Games,’ and then ‘Activate a Product on Steam.’


 How to Redeem Mordhau CD Key Global on Steam step 1

  • A new window will open with the indicated space for the Steam key code. After that, you will be ready to do the digital download and play Mordhau. You can also give it as a steam gift through your CD key.


How to Redeem Mordhau CD Key Global on Steam step 2

Mordhau PC Game Keys Language or Region Restrictions

The Mordhau Steam key that we offer is global. That means you can activate it from everywhere in the world. Differently from a Europe CD Key, for instance, that can be activated in the United Kingdom but won’t work in Australia. There is no need for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or any other similar tool, so you can go and play Mordhau as much as you like.

Mordhau is available in ten different languages, but only its interface has been translated. Its dubbing is all done in English and has no other option. The title has no subtitles; therefore, there was no need for translation. Now, you are ready to buy a Mordhau key and play as much as you like.

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