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This is a Minecraft 2017 version of the game This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.   When it comes to sandbox video...

This is a Minecraft 2017 version of the game

This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.


When it comes to sandbox video games, players can choose from tons of options. The niche features AAA games like GTA V, with developers trying to release better titles to grab the players’ attention. Therefore, staying in the memory of gamers and not getting forgotten is quite challenging.

All that proves Minecraft game is such a great title. This massively multiplayer online awesome game has crawled into our libraries to stay. There’s no doubt that this is one of the best-selling video games, and its present reviews can prove it.

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Game Information

Release Date

November 2011


Mojang Studios.


Mojang Studios.

Total Rating


Content Rated

PEGI 7+ / E

Game Modes

Single-Player, Multiplayer, Co-operative, Split screen, MMO

Player Perspectives




Adventure, Survive, Cooperative, 


Survival, placing blocks, fight monsters, lego-like life, craft, exploration


Windows 10/11, Mac, Linux


RoyalCDKeys, Steam

Product Description

Minecraft first came out back in 2011, developed by Mojang Studios and later acquired by Microsoft. Minecraft Java Edition is the video game version reserved for devices that support Java. It can be acquired directly from the Minecraft Java Edition official website or a third-party seller.

Minecraft is a video game whose whole world is made out of blocks. You can use tons of different materials to create and build, making the world your playground. Don’t hesitate and explore the extensive maps that are randomly generated each time you start a new game.


Minecraft Java Edition picture from the official site.


In Minecraft, you have different game modes that you can decide to play in:

Creation Mode

Sometimes, when you play Minecraft, you don’t have time to waste on mining and gathering resources. This is why creative mode exists. Here, you can skip the mining and other boring parts, focusing on creating the buildings that live in your imagination.

Don’t worry about maintaining your health, eating, or running away from monsters. You are in “God Mode” and can even fly! It’s a great starting point to explore your sense of creativity and accomplish that “build the dream” in your imagination.

There’s also the Spectator mode, which allows you to wander throughout the world without restrictions, reaching its depths while maintaining off the grid.


In-game third-player perspective from the creative mode.

Survival Mode

Even though the creative mode can be entertaining, the game mode that actually measures your ability with challengers, restrictions, enemies, day/night changes is the survival mode. You will have to do everything you didn’t do in the previously mentioned game mode. That said, you’ll gather resources, craft items, tools, and objects, fight zombies, skeletons, and mobs.

In the survival mode gameplay, you will need to create a safe place to save your game. Sometimes you don’t have instructions to build, so you must use your common sense with each tool you have.

To make the mode even more interesting, you can also travel across other dimensions, open portals, and become a legend on your map by defying death.


First-person perspective with full health and no hunger.

Adventure Mode

The Adventure Mode came out when the creative and survival modes weren’t enough. There weren’t any quests or a story in those, which makes the Adventure stand out. You will need to follow the story to get rewards, find the right tools to fulfill your quest, and unlock Minecraft secrets.


Minecraft PC edition player following the adventure mode.

Hardcore Mode

The Hardcore mode is only available for the Java Edition Minecraft. This game mode only gives you one life to play in the ultimate survival test. That said, once you die, the worlds you’ve created will be deleted. Your main concern, besides surviving, is being mindful of your stats. 

In Hardcore Mode, monsters are fearless, with each hit you get putting you closer to death.


World about to be deleted after death in Minecraft Hardcore mode.

Gaming Experience

Now, you can play Minecraft java edition in a solo or a multiplayer fun experience. However, you can only play with your friends if they have the same edition as yours. Remember that this version can only be played on devices that support Java and don’t have cross-play. If you’re looking to play with friends on different platforms, e.g., a console, the Minecraft you’re looking for is the Bedrock version.

Minecraft Bedrock allows you to play with people using other consoles like PC, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation (PSN). 


House created with horses in a personalized world.

Mods and Add-ons

Minecraft Java Edition has something that makes it the best game in sandbox matters. Its platform allows you to use mods and Add-ons for free without having difficulties installing them.

Among other things, you can:

  • Customize your skin so users can identify you.
  • Install community-made mods and turn your game into a complete gaming experience.
  • Discover countless servers, each with its own community, which you can join and share your experience, leave comments, and become a full Minecraft creator.


Minecraft Java Edition with a dragon’s mod.

Trial Game

If you’re not familiar with Minecraft PC Java Edition, but you still want to spend some hours trying it, you can get a free game trial for a period of time from the official website. This way, you can get more information about the game and choose whether you like it or not.

System Requirements

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