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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Steam CD Key

Why should you buy it?
  • You like games with an engaging story.
  • Hideo Kojima is your favorite video game designer
  • You're looking for an open-world game

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the ninth installment in the action-adventure series created by the legendary Hideo Kojima. Follow the story of Venom Snake and his vengeance. 

Snake returns

The Phantom Pain begins nine years after the events featured in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros. Venom Skane awakes in 1984 after an almost decade-long coma. He creates a new military group to track down and eliminate people responsible for his companions' death. Recruit your new crew, including a sniper, a horse, and even a wolf pup. Every soldier needs their mase, so you will build and expand your headquarter.

Exiting combat

Dominate the battlefield with Snake's skills. Take advantage of stealth technics to deceive and eliminate enemies without been detected. Use a wide range of weapons and cutting-edge gadgets such as night-vision goggles and stealth camouflage.

The new era of the MGS franchise

The MGS series has pushed the boundary of video games from the start. This time Hideo Kojima presents a vast open-world with a realistic passage of time with the day-night cycle and real-time weather. Enjoy the ultimate freedom. Explore the map to find treasures and valuable items to upgrade your base. Complete missions and progress through the story however you like and in order of your choosing. 

  • An open-world full of activities
  • A new chapter in the fan-beloved series
  • Entertaining stealth combat 
  • Fox Engine providing photorealistic graphics
  • Dozens of entertaining missions, including post story quests