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This is not a product key. A NEW ACCOUNT will be created for you, and the purchased content will be available there. Log in to that account using the details provided in your Inventory. You can change the details, like account name and password after you’ve logged in for the first time.


Lightyear Frontier Steam Account: Build Your Dream Exofarm in a Distant World

"Lightyear Frontier" is a serene open-world farming adventure that takes players to the far edges of the galaxy to establish a sustainable exofarm on a mysterious new world. Developed by FRAME BREAK and published by Amplifier Studios, "Lightyear Frontier" has been available on Xbox Series S|X, Game Pass, and Steam since March 19th, 2024. The game combines the joys of farming with the thrill of exploration and base building, all set against a backdrop of a cosmic country soundtrack.

Key Features:

  • Peaceful Farming Experience: Cultivate alien crops, domesticate wildlife, and manage your resources to build a thriving exofarm.
  • Open-World Exploration: Pilot your versatile mech across diverse biomes, uncovering the planet's mysteries and ancient secrets.
  • Creative Base Building: Design and construct your own homestead, tailoring it to fit your needs and aesthetic preferences.
  • Cooperative Multiplayer: Team up with up to three friends to collaborate online, sharing the workload and the rewards.
  • Engaging Narrative: Unravel a mystery-driven story that guides your journey on this new world, filled with challenges and opportunities.

Gameplay and Mechanics: In "Lightyear Frontier," players start their interstellar homesteading adventure by crash-landing on an uncharted planet. The game emphasizes a low-stress, combat-free experience, allowing players to focus on farming, building, and exploration. You'll manage every aspect of your exofarm, from planting and harvesting alien crops to crafting items and upgrading your mech. The open-world is yours to explore, with each discovery leading to new opportunities and deeper mysteries.

Available Platforms: This tranquil farming adventure is accessible to players on Xbox Series S|X and PC via Steam, ensuring a wide range of gamers can enjoy the unique blend of farming and exploration "Lightyear Frontier" offers.

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