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This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Argentina. This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.    ...

This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Argentina.

This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.



Among all genres of video games, simulation games are, perhaps, one of the most undiscovered. Fortunately, they have become more famous over time due to titles such as The Sims, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Farming Simulator.   

That said, the Farming Simulator is one of the most recommended for fans of the genre. Today, it has more than ten titles to its credit, including the last release, on November 22, 2021, Farming Simulator 22. 

Game Information

Release Date

22 November 2021.


Giants Software

Content Rated


Game Modes

Single-mode, multiplayer

Player Perspectives

First-person, third-person




Farm, Harvest


PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S

What Is Farming Simulator 22 GIANTS?

As briefly mentioned in the introduction, Farming Simulator 22 is a farm simulation video game in which players take on the role of a modern farmer. That said, the player must farm with crops and livestock, reach production levels, raise animals, and exchange assets. 

As a fieldwork simulation game, Farming Simulator has a huge variety of farming operations focusing on agriculture, animal husbandry, and forestry.

The player may choose among three diverse American and European environments:

  • Elmcreek (a hypothetical little town in the USA).
  • Erlengrat (an Alpine landscape reminiscent of s Swiss landscape).
  • Haut-Beyleron (a landscape reminiscent of European environments and the French countryside).

Elmcreek: The Right Choice for Novice


Elmcreek map, to farm cooperatively


This map is the smallest, simplest, and cutest of the existing three. It’s a good starting point for learning and studying the basics of this new farming simulator. Here, gamers can know how the three initial tractors work and how to do the fieldwork. 

The problem with this map is that it is precisely the smallest one. Thus, players will have to make a lot of money to buy new properties next to their farm and become successful farmer.

Erlengrat: A Classic for Veterans


Erlengrat has a strong influence on European fields


This map was initially released as a part of the Alpine Expansion of Farming Simulator 19. Now, it has returned with some changes to adapt to the huge variety of new features and gameplay mechanics. 

However, Erlengrat is not recommended for newcomers or users unfamiliar with farming operations. Fans believe it is the most picturesque map created by the Giants team. It’s also the one with the most interesting gameplay.

Haut-Beyleron: Hillsides


Haut-Beyleron is a great place to start farming in Farming Simulator 22


This map is medium in terms of difficulty. The ground is topographically endowed, which means machines will work even harder when the height changes.

It has a huge river that cuts land in half and a little town in the middle, with interesting architecture.  

Beyond this, you can find a lot of storage space for machines and equipment, placing tanks, and saving harvest crops. 

Finally, although it is not the best map for forestry, it still has a forested area in the north. So, if players want to have alternative revenue, this is a good option. 

Story and Background

As gamers can infer, farming simulator games don’t have a significant background because, in short, they do not have lore or story. In this type of game, players build their own experiences.

In this game, players are just growing crops, breeding animals, managing farming operations, and working hard. This still is a huge adventure!

Gameplay and Mechanics

In the first place, gamers should choose one of the three new maps mentioned before. Then, they have the opportunity to personalize their character. You can choose the phenotype, skin color, hair, mustaches, beard, and outfit, including a John Deere T-shirt! This way, you’ll feel closer to the character and gameplay.

Starting with 500,000 euros, gamers have neither property nor machinery, just money to start the business. 


Choose the land that you want to buy and let the good times grow!


Thus, the first thing farmers have to do is buy a piece of ground. They will find several options of different sizes and prices. It’s crucial to balance the pros and cons of purchasing a specific ground and think about the farming plans.

Once you buy the land, you’ll also need some kind of vehicle. Farming Simulator 22 features new machines at different prices for different goals. Specifically, over 400 machines and tools add functionality to the gameplay. These machines are officially licensed from agricultural brands like Massey Ferguson, CLAAS, New Holland, John Deere, Case IH, Fendt, and more.

The machine you may acquire at the beginning of the game depends on the money you have left after buying the land. 


Visit the shops to acquire more than 400 machines and tools in Farming Simulator 22


Now, the farmers should bring the machines to the fields. But don’t forget about buying seeds! Then, sow them to the ground. Here are some available crops:

  • Corn;
  • Soybeans;
  • Olives;
  • Sorghum;
  • Oat;
  • Barley;
  • Wheat;
  • Cotton.

Some seeds can’t be planted at certain times of the year. Farmers can check the sowing schedule to verify which corps are suitable for the season. Furthermore, the weather and general conditions are also significant.

Like all crops, first, farmers need to plow the land and then sow the seed. To succeed, gamers can check what type of products are used in the neighboring lands. 

Farmers can also buy buildings, stores, and make the best deals when selling corps at the best price. 

Key Features

  • Features from previous installments;
  • A huge variety of farm animals, including bees;
  • New machine categories and crops;
  • The new exciting addition of seasonal cycles;
  • Introducing of greenhouses;
  • New gameplay mechanics, and improvements related to the business;
  • More player freedom and new challenges.


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Farming Simulator 22 Activation Details

At RoyalCDKeys, you can buy Farming Simulator 22 Xbox Live editions. You can redeem and activate each version on the corresponding platform by following the instructions below.

Activate Farming Simulator 22 on Xbox Live

  1. Go to


Xbox Storefront page.


       2. Click the “Sign in” button in the top right corner.


section in the Xbox store.


       3. Go to the “Games” menu and select Redeem Code.


“Games” menu to activate a PC key.


        4. Write the Farming Simulator 22 key that you got and follow the instructions.

After you have activated the game, it will be saved automatically in your library. You can download Farming Simulator 22 and install it whenever you want after that. 

If for some reason you experience redeeming problems due to country or region restrictions, you may need to use a VPN from Europe. Once you solve the issue, you can uninstall the program.

System Requirements

Farming Simulator 22 ARG Xbox One/Series CD Key

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