Expeditions: Rome Steam CD Key

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Expeditions: Rome (PC) Steam Key You are a young Legatus. A character of tragic fate. Your father was killed by political opponents...

Expeditions: Rome (PC) Steam Key

You are a young Legatus. A character of tragic fate. Your father was killed by political opponents which led you to escape Rome and enter a military campaign that has a task to prevent resistance in Greece. Step by step, your military skills will become more solid, you will become stronger and a character which is feared and respected. In Expeditions: Rome (PC) Steam key your actions will decide the fate of Rome and its place in the world. The fate of The Great Rome depends only on you! Get ready for a beautiful world, serious intrigues, breath-taking combat, and challenging moral dilemmas.

Expeditions: Rome gameplay features

This game will be perfect for those players who would like to become great emperors. You will create your own Rome Empire, participate in battles, travel, and explore amazing places. This game features these elements:

  •  Character creation. Create your own Legatus. Choose your appearance, sex, class, and skills that meet your play style and role-playing games standards;
  •  Tactical combat. Participate in turn-based combat with a wide variety of different skills. With every weapon playstyle is different;
  •  Adventures with comrades. Travel through Rome with 5 unique characters, get to know their personal backgrounds and characteristics;
  •  A wonderful world. The world of this game offers a wide variety of different places and countries, from Africa to Greece, Gaul, and Rome. There will definitely be something to look at;
  •  Political intrigues. Stories based on real events and personal dramas won’t let you be bored in this fully voiced game. Every decision matters and has consequences;
  •  Character upgrading. Level up your characters and choose from a variety of different skills and passive abilities. All that enrich wide tactical possibilities;
  •  Conquest with the legion. Participate in 3 big military campaigns in Greece, North Africa, and Gaul. Recruit legionaries, perfect your war map, conquer regions, search for resources, and defend territories for the victory of your legion;
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Choose what leader you will become

Decide on the opinion of people towards you and Rome. Will you become a ruthless dictator with an iron fist, or will you demonstrate your sharp tongue and steal the hearts of people with sweet promises of the future? Will you value political Republic heritage, or will you forge your own path in intricate political games of the Roman Senate? Every choice is important and has consequences. You will decide the fate of your legion, your closest friends, and Rome. If you like to be responsible for global, historical events in video games, then Expeditions: Rome (PC) will be just for you!

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Expeditions: Rome Steam CD Key

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