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This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Turkey. This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.   A...

This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Turkey.

This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.


Dying Light is a game with unique atmosphere, a great crafting system, and many different enemies to kill! Reach remote areas with parkour before other players!

A long, long time ago in Poland, developers from Techland studios thought – what if we created the ultimate survivor bundle? Listen to me –the world got infected by zombies, and the only way to escape them is – parkour! Ha? Guys? Where are you going?

It turns out that - he was right. Dying Light became an ultimate classic and one of the best zombie games to this day. Soon, Dying Light game got new game modes, Dying Light Platinum Edition, following expansion pack – The Following and many DLCs including crash test skin pack or Harran Ranger Bundle.

This time we present to you a Dying Light Edition PC. Complete objectives, adapt your play style, and create deadly new weapons in a city devastated by a zombie apocalypse! Climb walls crash flesh-hungry enemies and find out who those mysterious characters on this island are!

This is just the base game and does not include Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition. 

Game Information

Release Date

27 January 2015




Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Total Rating


Content Rated


Game Modes

Single-player, Multiplayer

Player Perspectives



Horror, Action Adventure, Horror, Survival





Microsoft Windows

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


Nintendo Switch

Gameplay and Plot


Develop your skills, and become the best zombie killer in one of the best zombie game out there! Working hard pays of - check out the mechanics and gameplay of Dying Light!


Dying Light 2 has just been released, and YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and other internet personalities can’t get enough of this game. So, why wouldn’t we check out how it all started? After all - without Dying Light, there would not be Dying Light 2!

The game is an action survival with vast open-world gameplay and great crafting weapons system. The amount of crazy and whacky weapons you could create in this game is just mind-blowing!

So, let’s dive in and find out why this game has won over 50 industry awards and nominations! After all, creators of such cool games as Dead Island and Call of Juarez can’t be wrong, right?



The story is one of the game’s strongest assets. Write your own history and make sure that the hard choice is made by you. Let’s jump into it!


Speaking of plot armor - let’s talk about the story in Dying Light. You are a person with some seriously bad luck. 

Your name is Kyle Crane. You are being sent to a remote area to find a rogue politician that can make things rather unpleasant for your employer. So – you get to Harran, just to find out the city is full of zombies and the entire area is being quarantined off.

Will the loyalty to your superiors prove stronger than saving the lives of the people trapped in this mess? The choice is yours to make.

Great Open World


Vast and open world of Dying light is ready to be conquered! Find out where are the good spots and hunt zombies! And watch out for, ugh, people!


If you don’t like being led by the hand with a plot armor and little or nothing to add to the story – then Dying Light is just for you. You’re just here on the island. New enemies come from everywhere, and you need to survive in the city beset by the infected. Grow a pair and fight with the deadly zombie virus in this oper world extravaganza!

There are no shortcuts. You need to find a way to survive in this cruel world. Check out the incredible story and secret mission in this vast and unforgiving world. With parkour, you can feel unprecedented freedom and literally get anywhere you want, so use it to your advantage!

We Are Fighting Dreamers!


Roam the city to combat the undead! Kill them all in this first person action survival bonanza! Electrified barbed wire can stop them only for a while, so watch out!


The fighting system in this game is out of this world! Dodging, stabbing, environment usage, and shooting – you name what you need – Dying Light delivers. You craft incredible weapons, do some awesome stunts with everything around you, and, on top of that, this game has some really thought-through shooting system!

So, grab a tape and a stick, put some nails on it and let’s roll! There is an incredible amount of really crazy and fun ideas on the communities page on Steam, so make sure to check it out as well!


Day And Night


It’s day and night! Fight the enemies during the day and run from them at the night! Everything depends on the sun, so make sure you’re swimming in it!

You thought that fighting zombies during the day was somewhat hard? Well, you haven’t seen them during the night. As the night creatures go, those really get their power from the moon. From a firm hunter, you become a prey with just a running away plan as the main option.

Zombies act differently depending on the solar cycle, so consider that when planning your missions!


Play With Your Friends


: Jump, use your movement skills, and destroy hordes of zombies! Parkour is one of the best things in Dying Light, so make the most out of it!

Tired of killing zombies on your own? What about killing them with a little help from your friends? The game starts with a four-player co-op, allowing you to do some serious damage to a not-so-serious zombie apocalypse.

Check out what the community has to offer and find out the latest scheduled community challenges! Maybe this time, your team will get through first!

Parkour? Parkour!


Survivors gather! Play with up to four different friends in this great co-op action survival! Make sure that you’re making the best you can out of the situation!

The best for last - parkour! Grab a ledge, walk on the line and travel up the building with your legs and a grappling hook! There is an incredible amount of creative ways to go around the city, so make sure you pick the most incredible one!

It feels a little bit like Mirror’s Edge and in a good way! With all of the bonus content you can find all over the map, exploring does not feel like just another way of moving around the place! 


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Dying Light Activation Details

At RoyalCDKeys, you can buy Dying Light Xbox Live editions. You can redeem and activate each version on the corresponding platform by following the instructions below.

Activate Dying Light on Xbox Live

  1. Go to Xbox.com.


Xbox Storefront page.


       2. Click the “Sign in” button in the top right corner.


section in the Xbox store.


       3. Go to the “Games” menu and select Redeem Code.


“Games” menu to activate a PC key.


        4. Write the Dying Light key that you got and follow the instructions.

After you have activated the game, it will be saved automatically in your library. You can download Dying Light and install it whenever you want after that. 

If for some reason you experience redeeming problems due to country or region restrictions, you may need to use a VPN from Europe. Once you solve the issue, you can uninstall the program.

System Requirements

Dying Light Definitive Edition TR Xbox One/Series CD Key

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