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Days Gone Steam CD Key


Days Gone is a thrilling mix of action-adventure and survival horror set in post-apocalyptic Oregon. Your journey begins two years after a mysterious virus infected most humans and animals, changing them into cannibalistic zombie-like monsters, called the freakers.

A compelling story

Follow the story of Deacon St. John - former soldier and biker - who must move earth and heaven to find his beloved wife - Sarah. To achieve this ultimate goal, he travels across the beautiful yet deadly dystopian Pacific Northwest. During his quest, Deacon reaches diverse places such as mountains, forests, and rural towns.

Deadly environment

Unfortunately, the post-apocalyptic world is full of deadly threats, including hordes of freakers and hostile gangs. Therefore, Deacon's best friend, besides his motorbike, is a loaded gun. There are many weapons to choose from, including pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, and crossbows.

The PC version

Moreover, Days Gone on PC offers better graphics than the console version. Additionally, it provides unlocked framerates and improved graphics as well as ultra-wide monitor support.

There's always something to do

After finishing the main story, your journey isn't over. For instance, there are dozens of achievements to unlock as well as a series of challenges. Furthermore, there is New Game Plus and Survival Mode if you're looking for a more demanding challenge.

  • A compelling story of love and betrayal
  • Astounding graphics
  • Upgradable skills
  • Vast and diverse open world
  • A large arsenal of firearms and other weapons
  • Hordes of challenging enemies
  • Ultra-wide monitor support
  • Dozens of achievements to unlock