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This is NOT a game key. Merchant will deliver your purchase via an account with the game pre-purchased on it. After logging...

This is NOT a game key. Merchant will deliver your purchase via an account with the game pre-purchased on it. After logging into the account on your console, you can download the game from PSN Store and then switch back to your own profile to play it.


Bloodborne: An Overview Dive into the dark, gothic world of Bloodborne, a critically acclaimed action RPG developed by FromSoftware and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Released on March 24, 2015, exclusively for PlayStation 4, Bloodborne challenges players to navigate the treacherous streets of Yharnam, a city plagued with a mysterious bloodborne illness. With its immersive storytelling, intricate level design, and punishing difficulty, Bloodborne has captivated gamers worldwide, offering a unique blend of horror, exploration, and combat.

Key Features & Gameplay Mechanics

  • Visceral Combat: Engage in fast-paced, brutal combat that rewards tactical aggression. Master the art of the rally to recover health by striking enemies after taking damage.
  • Unique Weapons: Wield a diverse arsenal of weapons, each with its standard and transformed states, catering to a wide range of combat styles.
  • Challenging Enemies and Bosses: Face off against a variety of fearsome creatures and towering bosses, each requiring a unique strategy to defeat.
  • Exploration & Lore: Unravel Yharnam’s mysteries through exploration, piecing together the city’s dark past and its inhabitants' fates.
  • Online Co-op and PVP: Join forces with other hunters in cooperative play or test your skills against them in intense PVP battles.

Game Modes Bloodborne offers a single-player campaign with optional online cooperative and competitive modes, including the Chalice Dungeons, procedurally generated levels that provide endless challenges and rewards.

Available Platforms Bloodborne is available exclusively on PlayStation 4, showcasing the console's capabilities with stunning visuals and smooth gameplay.

System Requirements As a PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne requires a PlayStation 4 system. For the best experience, a PS4 Pro enhances the game's performance and visual fidelity.

Game Information

  • Genre: Action RPG
  • Developer: FromSoftware
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Release Date: March 24, 2015

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Bloodborne PS4 Account Activation Link

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