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Blood Bowl 2 is a turn-based strategy sports game developed by Cyanide Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game smashes...

Blood Bowl 2 is a turn-based strategy sports game developed by Cyanide Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game smashes Warhammer and American Football together as from the very beginning, the idea was to create an explosive cocktail of turn-based strategy, humor, and brutality. Which certainly was done, making it a great addition to your Steam games collection!

Blood Bowl 2 was released in September of 2015, and it's available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. The title is adapted from Games Workshop’s famous board game. It takes the races from Warhammer world and brings them to American football, resulting in a good review from Metacritic, getting a 76 score.  

Blood Bowl 2 Logo


Key Information

Release Date

September 22, 2015,

Game Developer and Publisher

Cyanide Studios / Focus Home Interactive

Content Rated

Teen (Blood and Gore, Violence, Language, Alcohol Reference, Mild Suggestive Themes) 

Game Mode

Single-player, Multiplayer

Player Perspectives

Diagonal Spectator 

Game Genre

Turn-based Strategy

Game Themes


Platforms for Blood Bowl 2

PC (Windows), Xbox One, Playstation 4 

Story and Background

In Blood Bowl 2 campaign mode you will assume as manager of the Reikland Reavers. Formerly one of the biggest teams in the league, they are now into disgrace and need help to reach glory again. Your job is to bring them back to the top in the tournament and create the blood bowl dream team full of star players.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Blood Bowl 2 features big changes compared to the franchise’s first game. It brings a highly anticipated new graphics engine, providing a massive upgrade on visuals and turning the game into a strategy-turn-based title. Additionally, Blood Bowl 2 introduces many new game modes.

Blood Bowl Legendary Edi


One of the new features is the unexpected and surprising events that constantly renew and change the field. Programmed events will change the game conditions, giving the players the challenge of playing in the new set-up. For example, goblins might be taking down a helicopter, which falls directly on the field, making the teams play with it cluttering the pitch.


Blood Bowl 2 brings the hilarious commentators Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford from Cabalvision. The duo provides the players with colorful, hilarious commentaries based on players, teams, and actions inside the classic Blood Bowl matches.

Stadium Customization

Blood Bowl 2 allows you to customize stadiums, making them grow alongside your team. Each stadium can have up to four tiers, excluding the ten add-ons. In total, Blood Bowl 2 has 20 different stadium customizations.

Full Stadium


New Transfer Market

Considering the brutal nature of Blood Bowl, players will be constantly hurt or even dead. That’s why the game brings a market to place, where you can buy new players and even sell your old ones. That way, you can constantly change your team, getting better players, such as the flesh golems, and change your own official players.

Game Mode

Blood Bowl two features single and multiplayer game modes for you to choose from. Each mode will present different ways to get to the top and different challenges to overcome. Besides the already mentioned campaign mode, there are some others. Here’s a quick rundown.

League Mode

Here, you can go Multiplayer or solo games and manage your own team. You may also try the new solo eternal league if you prefer. 

  • Solo Modes. You go against AI and can fully customize the game to suit you. You decide the format and competition, match duration, and can enable or disable many features. Some of them are aging, enhancements, and kick-off events. 
  • Multiplayer Modes. You face other players' teams. You can enter any of the already created online leagues if your team meets their inscription demands. What’s more, you can create your own league.
  • Eternal League. You compete with AI teams that change and develop just like you do. The mode is divided into “Seasons,” and you can enter three different competitions per time.

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    New Challenge Mode

    Blood Bowl 2 has ten different challenges. In this mode, your task is to accomplish them. The challenges are:

    • Road Kill
    • Clean Up this Mess
    • Hot Potato
    • Minimize Risk
    • Orcs in Need
    • Run, Orc, Run!
    • Anyone for Bowling?
    • Get Lost!
    • Wooden Barrier
    • Dwarfs Can Also Do it

    Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition (PC)

    The Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition mixes Warhammer fantasy universe and American Soccer, adding many new features and a huge number of add-ons when compared to the base game. Some of them are:

    • Eight Races
    • Swiss System Competition
    • Ressurection Mode
    • Team Editor
    • New Solo Campaign Mode
    • Brand New Khemri Stadium
    • Mercenary Teams
    • All-Star Players Team

    This version of the game also presents many improvements and small add-ons to make the game better, funnier, and more immersive for players.

    Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition Smashes Warhammer and American Football Together


    Here is a list of Blood Bowl 2 races, including these coming with the base game and all the other editions and DLC. Down below you can find a list of DLCs you can buy.



    Dwarf Explorers


    High Elf

    Dark Elves



    Wood Elf


    Norse Race



    Nurgle Warriors


    Chaos Dwarf



    Kislev Circus



    Underworld Denizens


    Elven Union 

    Mixed Teams


    Blood Bowl also features many DLC with Warhammer races. Some of those you can get with a Blood Bowl 2 official expansion are:

    • Blood Bowl 2: Undead
    • Blood Bowl 2: Norse
    • Blood Bowl 2: Chaos Dwarfs
    • Blood Bowl 2: Wood Elves
    • Blood Bowl 2: Nurgle
    • Blood Bowl 2: Necromantic
    • Blood Bowl 2: Khemri
    • Blood Bowl 2: Lizardmen

    Key Features

    • Excellent graphics,
    • 20+ races to choose from,
    • Exciting tour-based gameplay,
    • Many different Game Modes to Choose,
    • Deep customization of your team.

    Customization Screen


    System Requirements (Minimum Only)

    Minimum System Requirements

    OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

    Processor: AMD / Intel Dual Core 2.5 GHz

    Memory: 3072 MB RAM

    Video Card: 768 MB 100% DirectX and shaders 4.0 Compatible ATI Radeon HD 5670 / Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 or Higher

    Free Disk: 8 GB Available Space

    Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

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    System Requirements

    Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition Global Steam CD Key

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