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Beyond: Two Souls EU Epic Games CD Key


Beyond: Two Souls

The creators of Quantic Dream, well-known for their game Heavy Rain, is bringing yet another notably fleshed out psychological action thriller story-based game. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Beyond: Two Souls Epic Games key is an interactive drama where action and adventure intertwine. The story unfolds as you play with two main characters: beleaguered protagonist Jodie and an unembodied entity - a soul named Aiden. Here spirits are all around us – it is not a matter of whether their nature is benevolent or malevolent, what truly comes into play is how we perceive their presence. There is a thin line between our world and what lies beyond, be ready to reveal the truth that was kept away for so long!

Beyond our reach

Having an existential crisis growing up is tough, imagine having another entity tied to you! Well, all of Jodie’s life she was never truly alone, forever shrouded in another existence named Aiden, so it comes in no wonder that she questions hers and Aiden’s identity. In the world of Beyond: Two Souls Epic Games key, Jodie and Aiden are two separate entities that co-exist while trying to find and fit themselves in this world with their different aspirations and mindsets. Watch through the eyes of the two characters how they make choices in the morally grey world - use your values as the moral compass to examine the fragility of human nature as you unravel the secrets of the past.


Having two main characters means that Beyond: Two Souls Epic Games key grants the opportunity for two people to play this game! Whether you play in duo or let your second controller rest as you play solo mode, Aiden won’t let you feel alone. The story can be played in two ways: Cinematic or Chronological order, and depending on this choice, it will determine your overall experience. Two of our main protagonists face various extraordinary difficulties both physical and psychological, thus through copious interactions and choices you will determine both of their fates. Set yourself on a spiritual journey in finding out what truly lies beyond it all.