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This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Europe. This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.    ...

This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Europe.

This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.


Purchase Battlefield V and participate in big events of World War 2


    There are dozens of warlike games based on World War or global combat. Most of them have good single-player war stories, with Call of Duty: WWII being a great example. 

    These games combine arms or witness human drama set against the global dictatorship. They put in evidence unexpected but crucial moments of history, where some heroes must liberate the world from domination and conquest. 

    One of the games that show this background in a genius way is the immersive Battlefield V, a game that goes deep in the massive grand operations mode of that time. 

    Battlefield 5 CD Key is the product gamers can purchase here at an affordable price. Be prepared for vast grand operations and change the course of history!

    Game Information

    Release Date

    November 20, 2018


    EA DICE - Criterion Games


    Electronic Arts

    Content Rated


    Game Modes

    Single-player, multiplayer

    Player Perspectives

    First-person and third-person perspective


    Action role-playing game


    Action, Warlike


    PC (Microsoft Windows),  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam

    What Is Battlefield 5?


    Purchase Battlefield V and join stories as you fight against the enemies of the world

    Battlefield 5 CD key is a first-person shooter game taking place during World War II, more precisely in several regions (North Africa) and countries of Europe, such as Northern France, and the down Norwegian mountains. 

    In this context, gamers head all-out war, cross enemy lines, the frontline, battle for control of nuclear weapon supply lines, join French colonial troops, or go behind enemy areas with a band of misfits to create mayhem. Gamers will have to embark on a journey where new content drops, continuously transporting you and your team to several WW2 locations. 

    This excellent game is the closest experience to the untold war stories, where new battles, chaos, and unexpected locations take center stage.

    Furthermore, the Battlefield V series goes back to its roots in a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2. If you want to feel and share a completely different sensation and embark on this WW ship, this great game is for you. 

    Story and Background


    Play Battlefield V and experience the 5 campaigns available

    As we mentioned above, Battlefield 5 takes place during the Second World War. Just like its predecessor, Battlefield 1, this chapter is divided into ‘Wars Stories.’ Three of these stories are available at launch.


    Nordlys is a decent campaign of 5 Battlefield where protagonists must face their destiny in Norway


    This story takes place in an inhabited site in Norway in 1943. Astrid and her daughter Solveig are committed to destroying the heavy water Germans produce for their nuclear weapon research. To this, they will start a big journey across the enemy lines.


    Tirailleur campaign is included in the main stories of Battlefield V

    This story takes place during the liberation of France from German occupation, where Senegalese tirailleur soldiers are sent to help American soldiers after the landing at Normandy. Gamers take the role of Deme Cisse, a soldier committed to liberating French people during Operation Dragoon. 

    Under No Flag

    Under no flag, World War 2 take the adventure to another level

    This story takes place during Operation Albumen, in 1942. Gamers will be in the shoes of William Sidney “Billy” Bridger, a convicted bank robber who is a volunteer in the British Military. Gamers play as “Billy” and must infiltrate enemy bases and sabotage German airfields. 

    The Last Tiger

    In The Last Tiger you will discover the story from the point of view of German soldiers against English-French soldiers

    This campaign was released on December 5, 2018, and takes place in the spring of 1945. This story addresses the struggles of the German Tiger I tank crew. The mission is to defend Rhine-Ruhr from American forces. 

    Gameplay and Mechanics


    Command your troops through a protected enemy zone in several different countries.

    The gameplay in Battlefield V is about shooting, infiltration, management of resources, and very realistic mechanics.   

    Beyond the main storyline, the game includes several multiplayer modes that expand the options. 

    Battlefield 5 and World War 2 take on physical, all-out multiplayer with your squad in modes like the vast Grand Operations and the cooperative Combined Arms.

    The first one, “Grand Operations,”  is focused on intense matches taking place across multiple scenarios, simulating a campaign from the war and combat in a single area.

    Cooperative combined arms is another multiplayer mode, where up to four players can undertake missions and feature objectives, so missions can’t be played the same way each time.

    Battle Royale

    Enjoy a never-seen scenario, mechanics, and a reimagined world in the middle of World War 2


    This mode is built around team play (64 players at the same time), vehicles, and destruction. Just like most battle royales, in this mode, the players are continuously constricted by a Firestorm, restricting the play area in regular time lapses. 

    Key Features

    • A huge open world with six interconnected regions, and a huge variety of landscapes. Gamers will fight in epic, unexpected locations across the globe and different environments set against global combat.
    • A full view of the most incredible events immerses gamers in World War II, taking us back to the roots of a never-before-seen portrayal of World War. 
    • A continuous main story mode that includes different campaigns and new experiences.
    • An all-out multiplayer co-op mode that allows sixteen players to play at the same time. 
    • A Grand Operation mode is an evolution of the classic modes of Battlefield 1.
    • A Battle Royale mode that includes Firestorm, the region that contracts to gather the gamers. 
    • New content added from time to time.
    • A unique paratrooper outfit, special items to customize the characters, unique assignments, and more.
    • A new soldier move set, fortifications, and mobile tools of destruction.

    Extra Content

    • Base game Battlefield V.
    • All gameplay content (weapons, vehicles, mobile tools, and gadgets) from launch, year 1 edition, and year 2 edition.
    • All Elites.
    • 84 immersive outfit variations for the British and German armies to enhance the WWII sandbox.
    • 8 soldiers’ outfits from year 2.
    • 2 weapon skins from year 2, applicable to 10 and 4 weapons respectively.
    • 3 vehicle dressings.
    • 33 chapter reward items from year 1.

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    Battlefield 5 Activation Details

    At RoyalCDKeys, you can buy Battlefield 5 Xbox Live editions. You can redeem and activate each version on the corresponding platform by following the instructions below.

    Activate Battlefield 5 on Xbox Live

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    “Games” menu to activate a PC key.


            4. Write the Battlefield 5 key that you got and follow the instructions.

    After you have activated the game, it will be saved automatically in your library. You can download Battlefield 5 and install it whenever you want after that. 

    If for some reason you experience redeeming problems due to country or region restrictions, you may need to use a VPN from Europe. Once you solve the issue, you can uninstall the program.

    System Requirements

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