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This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Europe - it will NOT be available in Germany. This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of...

This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Europe - it will NOT be available in Germany.

This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.


Get A Way Out Origin CD PC Key and experience an emotional adventure unlike anything you’ve seen.


Gather around, as I have a treat for all of you gamers out there. Here’s a title that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. Bear witness as Hazelight Studios, maker of A Tale of Two Sons, has given us another gem. 

A Way Out plot reads like the latest addiction on Netflix, in the form of crime thriller, with you thrown right in the middle of events.

It is an exclusive split-screen co-op game about two prisoners — Leo and Vincent — who want to get free from jail. Get your pal, get your partner, get your hands dirty and use all your brainpower to distract, scam, dig and plan your daring escape from prison.

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Game Information

Release Date

23 March 2018




Electronic Arts

Content Rated


Game Modes

Split-screen co-op multiplayer

Player Perspectives

Third-person Perspective




Prison break, Thriller, Emotional


Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Gameplay and Story of How to Get Out of Line


First part of the game is all about life in incarceration. And prison fights!


Long story short, You’re one of two prisoners making their plans to break out of prison. 

But is it really that simple? While the great escape is the main focus at first glance, you’ll quickly find out that there’s more at stake. Even the two main characters… no, especially the main characters, are hiding something.

What happens exactly? To avoid spoilers, let’s just say that this thrilling breakout quickly turns into an emotional rollercoaster.

Cinematic Pacing


The characters are really distinct and feel like they have every reason to be where they are. Also, that framing.


The game is full of action, don’t get me wrong, but Josef Fares is an experienced writer who knows that you need some quiet every once in a while. A small break to take in all that happened. You could call it a deep breath before the plunge because usually, things heat up quickly after that.

It takes around six hours to finish the whole story, and it’s oh so very worth it. It’s like an extra-long movie ticket. If you’ve got a friend who likes criminal drama, do yourselves a favor and buy this game!

You’ve Got Choices


split screen in way out


You might be playing two prisoners, but you don’t have to behave like them. While Leo and Vincent have different approaches — straightforward and thoughtful, respectively — they are controlled by players, and players ultimately decide which approach to take. 

The game even acknowledges it. After a while, the two members of a reluctant alliance start to trust each other and see the merit of the other’s methods. 

Free Trial Feature

Only one player has to actually own the game. The other can just enjoy what is basically a free game. Seriously, this is the best part. Either split the price or make your future criminal accomplice a present. You don’t even need to make it a Steam gift!

Two-screen Madness

The most glaring feature of A Way Out is its nature as a split screen co-op. In this title, you need the other player. Whether you fiddle around with connecting console controllers or use Steam’s Remote Play Together feature, it’s an adventure for two. 

I know this sounds weird and like a thing back from at least PlayStation 2, it just works.

Even in Cutscenes, You Still Have Control


Yes, the player on the left is in the middle of a cutscene, while the player on the right has full control.


It’s a bizarre experience, to be honest, but it works wonders. While one player has a cutscene, the other player controls his character with no issue. It’s used for distracting guards, making deals, and coordinating your movements. 

That also makes some scenes much more stressful, but it would be another spoiler to write more, so get to it yourself.

Puzzle Prison


our two protagonists working together. Join your forces and hope they didn’t forget the leg day.


You have a fairly straightforward goal, but it doesn’t mean it will be simple. You need tools, and you need to figure out how to use them.

It requires cooperation, and being able to see what the other player does is, frankly, a genius idea. 

If you ever played Portal 2, it’s a similar concept. It gives context to what is going on without screaming over the microphone. Been there, done that.


It’s a universal rule of the world we live in, that people don’t always agree on any given topic. Games are no different, although… A Way Out is the odd duck (in a positive sense) as both critics and players agree it’s a good title.

How often do you see a perfect 7.8 out of 10 in User Score and Metascore on Metacritic?

Key Features

  • Engaging story that plays out like an interactive thriller.
  • Really entertaining dynamic between player characters — Leo and Vincent.
  • Join forces with a close friend in two-players co-op!
  • Solve puzzles to escape incarceration and survive what comes next!
  • Just how many games let you play as a hardened inmate?


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