PSN Gift Cards


There are probably no gamers in the world that have never played any Playstation console before. In 1995, Sony started a franchise of consoles that would revolutionize the gaming universe. Today, 26 years later, the Playstation passed through many changes, not only in its games but as a system, and the greatest one is the creation of PSN (Playstation Network) with all its possibilities.

PlayStation is probably the most loved console of all time. Considering all the generations, Sony has sold more than 450 million PlayStation units and has the PS2, PS4, and PS1 as the most sold consoles of all time. These numbers are far bigger than Nintendo and Xbox ever have done with their versions and show that we can still expect much more from PlayStation.

What is a PSN Gift Card?

The Playstation Network gift card (PSN card) is a virtual cart valid for Sony’s Playstation 4 and 5 consoles. The PlayStation gift card can be used inside the Playstation Network platform, allowing any user to access the Playstation Store and buy products through it. 

This Playstation Store gift card is beneficial as it gives flexibility, allowing players to choose interesting goods, including full games, DLC, and other products, like in-game items. This PSN card also helps people save money, as often the PSN card code costs less than the credits it contains. 

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What Can You Buy with a PSN Gift Card?

Apart from the games, there are many things people can shop for with a PSN gift card as Playstation Network offers various great services, for example:

  • Games
  • DLCs and Game Add-ons
  • Movies and TV Shows 

DLCs and add-ons are games' extra content, such as new levels or maps, music tracks, season passes, and other general subscriptions. Playstation Network also counts with the Playstation Video, which allows you to watch movies and TV shows through a PSN card. 

Another good call can be using the cards to add funds to your account wallet. Besides getting the best prices with fast delivery and safety in RoyalCDKeys, you can also wait for PSN's regular deals and discounts to save even more cash with a purchase.

How to Activate a PSN Gift Card?

After you get the best deal in RoyalCDKeys, you will get your gift cards’ code and just have to redeem them in PSN. You can download everything you got for your Playstation system as you finish your shopping purchases.

Remember that to use a card like this, you must have a PSN account, and to sign in, they will ask for information like region, country, and address. Next, follow these steps:

  1. Go to PlayStation Store on your PS5 home menu. After that, scroll up and go to the option “More”.
  2. After clicking there, it will open a small menu, from where you will see “Redeem Codes.”

How to redeem PSN gift codes step 1


       3.Then, you just need to put your code at the indicated space and the credits will            be available in your wallet. 


How to redeem PSN gift codes step 2