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This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.   About F1 2021 Released in July, F1 2021, is the official videogame of...

This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.


About F1 2021

Released in July, F1 2021, is the official videogame of the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship. And, until the next title comes, it will keep attracting more and more players for the franchise. 

It is the sixteenth edition of the original F1 chronology that started in 2000. Including spin-off games and other titles, such as F1 Race Starts, from 2012, and F1 Manager, from 2000, the franchise has 20 games already released.

The last four editions of the franchise are available at RoyalCDKeys and can be played through the Steam client. F1 2021 is the ninth FIA Formula One World Championship official videogame to follow the main edition as there have been no spin-offs since F1 2013.  


F1 2021 race


The game developers of F1 2021 and the last editions of the series are Codemasters, whereas Electronic Arts published the game.

With the F1 2021 key, you will immerse yourself in the greatest racing spectacle on our planet. Be ready to become a part of one of the ten iconic teams. You’ll race head to head with an authentic lineup of twenty heroic drivers in single races and career mode. 

You can also try the thrilling new story experience, known as Braking Point. The game offers a Two-Player career and many other multiplayer modes. A steering wheel could easily make things even more epic.

F1 2021 Game Information

Release Date

July 13, 2021,


Codemasters / EA Originals

Content Rated

Everyone (Mild Language)

Game Mode

Singleplayer, Multiplayer

Player Perspectives

First Person/Third Person





Platforms for Dead by Daylight

Windows PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|L, PlayStation 5

F1 2021 Story: The Braking Point Mode

With the F1 2021 Steam key, you can enjoy many stunning new features. The first one is the thrilling story experience, Braking Point, the biggest of the novelties in F1. The game mode follows the tendency of other sports games, like the UFC and FIFA franchises.


F1 2021 two characters talking


In this thrilling story experience, you will assume the place of Aiden Jackson, a Formula Two pilot that tries to build up his way into F1. He will have to face and surpass Devon Butler, a rival F1 pilot who plays the villain spot perfectly. Besides him, there’s a veteran, Casper Akkerman, a pilot who doesn’t want to end his career, losing the spotlights and media interest.

This scenario combined with the pressure that F1 and F2 bring to their pilots will prove to be obstacles as big as the well-known F1 pilots themselves. The media Harassment also makes everything harder.  As Aiden, you will have to prove yourself race after race to reach the ultimate glory. 

F1 2021 Gameplay and Mechanics

The F1 2021 follow the successful recipe that brought the F1 series back to the eyes of the public. That also represented a huge increase in game evaluation, such as the Metacritic. In F1 2015,  they gave a grade of 63,3 on all three platforms (Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC). In F1 2016, this average grade jumped to 84,3 in the same three platforms.


Aston Martin car in an F1 track

The F1 2021 stands out with its impressive realism fidelity. Players' performance is directly impacted by the team they decide to run for. Other factors are the weather conditions, and by the way, they run on each track. These are all hyper-realistic factors, and the game does well the job of bringing them to every race. 

F1 2021 Features

F1 2021 game modes are its big features, and they go far beyond the Braking Point. These features play an mportant role in attracting new players to the F1 franchise. With, F1 2021 Steam key, players are free to explore new ways to win the glory on the grid. Some of the new additions to the title are Two-Player Career and My Team Mode.  

The F1 2021 offline game modes are:

  • My Team
  • Driver Career
  • Breaking Point
  • Grand Prix
  • Time Trial
  • LAN
  • Split Screen

The F1 2021 online game modes are:

  • Driver Career (Real Season Start)
  • Two Player Career
  • Social Play
  • Ranked
  • Leagues
  • Weekly Events

F1 2021 Career Modes 

This is most likely the most famous F1 2021 game mode. Here, you create your pilot, enter into an F1 racing team to run against the traditional pilots, and improve your car. In this mode, you can restore the Mercedes domain broken down by Red Bull Racing in 2021, or you can take a middle table team and start a new hegemony.


F1 Braking Point


You also have the opportunity to play the two-player career mode. The whole experience is still similar, but two players can go together, bringing a team up or starting a rivalry worthy of the history books. The game mode can be played online or on split-screen racing mode.

F1 2021 My Team

Here, you’re not only a racer but also become the manager of your team. In this new function, you have to choose a sponsor, an engine supplier, hire a teammate, and compete as the 11th team on the grid. You also have expanded driver stats, that include “Focus” and new team-critical Department Events to address. 

Real Season Start

The Real Season Start game mode is just like a normal career. This time, however, you will start at a chosen point of the F1 season. It will make you inherit the points from a specific pilot. That way, you will be able to change the season results at the very beginning of your career.

Two Ferraris and one Haas fighting for a position

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F1 2021 Activation Details

At RoyalCDKeys, you can buy F1 2021 Xbox Live editions. You can redeem and activate each version on the corresponding platform by following the instructions below.

Activate F1 2021 on Xbox Live

  1. Go to Xbox.com.


Xbox Storefront page.


       2. Click the “Sign in” button in the top right corner.


section in the Xbox store.


       3. Go to the “Games” menu and select Redeem Code.


“Games” menu to activate a PC key.


        4. Write the F1 2021 key that you got and follow the instructions.

After you have activated the game, it will be saved automatically in your library. You can download F1 2021 and install it whenever you want after that. 

If for some reason you experience redeeming problems due to country or region restrictions, you may need to use a VPN from Europe. Once you solve the issue, you can uninstall the program.

System Requirements

F1 2021 Global Xbox One/Series CD Key

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