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Children of Morta Steam CD Key


Children of Morta

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of hand-painted pixel art & frame by frame animations, further enhanced by modern lighting techniques in the newest release from 11 Bit Studios - Children of Morta Steam key! Developed by Dead Mage, this unique mix of action-adventure RPG, hack & slash, and rogue-lite elements focuses on a whole family of playable heroes, the Bergsons. Explore the procedurally generated dungeons and slash hordes of monsters along the way, all in the hopes of stopping the inevitable Corruption.

Narrative-driven Dungeon Crawler

With Children of Morta Steam key players find themselves in a distant land, threatened by the encroaching evil. While the hack & slash aspect is important to progress the game and unlock all 7 unique members of the family, the game also emphasises the universal themes of love, hope, longing, uncertainty, and, ultimately, loss. Players have to use everything at their disposal - ranged attacks, blocks, stuns, magic spells, evasion, healing, and passive skills - to successfully complete the dungeons, imbued with darkness, magic, and mountain folklore.

One Big Family

As mentioned before, you’re going to control the Bergsons, a family of extraordinary heroes. Every time you level up an individual member, you’re developing the whole group as well. While loss plays a big role in Children of Morta key, there is no permadeath and you can freely change characters between dungeon runs. Play as the father John, a sword & shield specialist, the elder daughter Lina, an archer, Kevin, a silent dagger enthusiast, Lucy, the fire mage, Mark, a martial artist, Joey, who wields a sledgehammer, and Apan, a healer.

Children of Moira features:

  • • A strong storyline with rogue-lite elements;
  • • 7 unique characters;
  • • Local co-op;
  • • A plethora of weapons and skills;
  • • Computer-generated pixel dungeons;
  • • Cheap Children of Morta price.